Government Approved CNG Kits for Car and Commercial Vehicles

Installation of CNG kits to Petrol Vehicles are under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). There are more than 20 types of Govenment Approved CNG Kits are available in market to install in Car and other automobiles. CNG Kits are widely imported from Argentina and Italy. Various Indian Made CNG Kits are also available and certified by Government of India. Following are the Best Performing CNG Kits :
  1. Tomasetto Achille CNG Conversion Kit - Argentina & Italy
  2. Pelmag CNG Kit - Argentina
  3. Lovato CNG Kit/BRC CNG Kit - Italy
  4. Landirenzo CNG Kit - Italy
  5. Lomani CNG Kit - Italy
Install only durable and government approved CNG Conversion Kits to your car and other commercial vehicles. CNG Kit fitting shall be from government approved fitments centers. Take proper precaution and safety measures before installing a CNG Kit to your car. More than 130 Government Approved CNG Fitment Centers are working in Delhi NCR to fit a CNG Kit. Contact an expert of CNG Kits ( to discuss various questins regarding CNG kit.
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Flat Discount of Rs. 500/- on any CNG Kit installation. We have all Government Approved & Imported CNG Kits from Italy and Argentina.
I saved Rs. 3000 Per Month
I have Fitted Tomasetto Achille CNG Kit from Ecogas Impex. Pvt. my ALTO.My Car Average is 21.5 KM/KG and I am Saving more than Rs.3000 Per Month by Driving 70 KM Per day only
   WHY CNG Kit
CNG is a Eco-Friendly and Wallet Friendly Fuel. The main component of CNG fuel is Methane (CH4), the finest fuel that come out from the Gasoline Tanks